My Bike |Simple Living | Natural

To my audience of almost 30 now. I’d like to introduce the newest relative to my remedy of a simple live. My Bike. Yup I got a bike. I have named my little darling, Blue Cheese. Yes. I was on the fence between Blue Moon and Blue Cheese though how can I not give respect to 2 Chainz and Migos. For my household, their music and anything from the south has been creating our vibes for some mornings now. My husband went to high school in Gwinnett County and he says, “Nawfside” frequently. Ha!, and round 5pm on Tuesdays we always have Blue Cheese and Blue Moon Wings. SO GOOD! “Blue cheese, no ranch..”

“Blue cheese, no ranch..”

2 Chainz. “2 Chainz (Ft. Migos) – Blue Cheese.” Genius, 16 June 2017, genius.com/2-chainz-blue-cheese-lyrics.
“Blue Cheese” taken by Deanna J.

I’ve been here, in Colorado, for going on two months now and I left my car back home in Mississippi. I really considered the investment of a car though I didn’t want to invest in another car payment which is obviously just debt plus gas plus insurance plus oil changes. I’m truly blessed that God’s Will allows me to experience this joy. With Blue Cheese, not only do I have transportation; she’s my fitness buddy and a shopping partner. All this in one makes my life simple.

And a simple life is a life worth living.

Sean, my husband is so supportive. He drove us all over, to find a cruiser bike for me and inline skates for him ( he’s considering a mountain bike now). Sidebar: If anyone knows where I can find some Men’s 15 Skates, I’d love the knowledge. We got Blue Cheese at a place that sold used bikes, it was so busy. I mean she has some scratches and dents but who among us is perfect? She’s a cruiser and vintage. That’s the type of waves we on, love it, classy in a way. I believe the previous owner had a dog, no worries we tough.

I took my husband’s gold for some pictures. I think he’s going to like those pictures. And that’s Life As It Goes.

CHALLENGE: Invest in something that needs a second chance or just support local business. We all need love and have love to share.


No Filter| NATURAL

How about a post with no filter. Just a clear view of the subject matter.

So this is life as it goes, I’m blessed to be in a place where the beauty is expressed not only in the people but the land. Take a look at this glory, Colorado is the name.


It rained a bit yesterday afternoon creating a very foggy morning  for this “summit of the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains”  as wiki describes this area.

No filter, to take this picture I found myself slipping in that mud you see to the left. I thought to myself, ” Do I have the force to slip with no control?”. Oh but the faith I have in my shoes.

DSCF6386  My Adidas and I have been everywhere. I believe My Adidas attended two festivals in 2019 and swamped in two washing machines so far in its life. This will be the third wash.

Quarantine, no filter, so got married in Mississippi on March, 26th. Landed in Colorado on March 27th. By April, we were down to 1 roll of tissue. Newlywed advice: Establish who buys tissue paper!

No filter, I went to stores trying to find some tissue. They were no were in sight, so


hey what’s so different from kleenex. So that’s what I bought. Next day, went to King Soopers, 4 PACK OF COTTONELLE, God is good and this brand is pretty soft on my boom-boom.

Two more and I’m done, I promise

Basketball anyone? At first when my husband and I bought the ball we looked at it as investing in ourselves.  An investment that I’m so happy for. My happiness doesn’t top my husband’s though. He  is a very athletic person. He actually played football at Mississippi State where we met and  majored in Kinesiology which is basically exercise science.

No filter, He never let’s me win on purpose. I try though.


And where there’s a beast lies a beauty. And the air of Colorado is not like the South. Oil up and butter me like toast.

When it comes to my beauty I like to keep it natural.  No filter. Dry skin is not comfortable and dry hair is just…..no.

Challenge: Take the filter off and see things for what they are. There’s beauty everywhere even in what may be the ugly.



Lately I’ve seen too much division. Though at the same time I see solutions and the bigger picture.

I’m a part of a community that is shaded in different shades of different colors. I cook eat greens and cornbread with sides of sweet potatoes and other soulful dishes. With the curves to prove it.

I’m a part of a community that leans on the beauty of faith. Though the alarm clock is set, I know Who really woke me up.

I’m a part of a community that sees storms everyday as well as the sunlight. 

I’m a part of a community that lost George Floyd and MANY OTHERS.

Black Lives Matter to me because THAT is MY COMMUNITY.

That’s Life As It Goes.

Power of Love and Jimi, DeannaJ.

Challenge: Listen to Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, and other black art.

Division| Beauty of Mathematics and Nature| Mathematics

“The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.”

― Euclid, Euclid’s Elements

This will be the first part of a set of letters I want to convey in regards to Division in Mathematics. As a tutor, I see in alot of my students hold a lack in foundation when it comes to performing math operations such as division. To make pure the complexity of the material, inspiration of nature is highly spoken of through the set for one to build their own intuition of the subject matter.

Parts of Division in Mathematics

Vocabulary for Enhancement 

  • Dividend- this is the number that is being divided
    • Divisor- this is the number that will divide the dividend; the number of groups that have equal parts
  • Quotient- this number is the quantity in each equal group presented by the divisor
  • Remainder- the number that represented the leftover that is less than the divisor

Division of Nature

For this I will take a philosophical approach

  • Ethos- The interpretation of goodness and what can be seen with beauty and credibility  
  • Pathos- The coexistence that is displayed by emotions, language, and desires
  • Logos- Involving metaphysics this studies existence using data, facts, or arguments

Challenge: Try to imagine division and division problems in regards to the parts and not the whole.

Gaining Perception| Wifehood

As a child, I carried a rebel-like personality at times. Not to be rude but because I felt the need to question or test the boundaries. Children are full of questions and curiosity and those are aspects I’d like to keep on my belt but oh the tongue. That thing for me added more than needed whoopings to my childhood. Ha. Now We’re talking belts.

There’s a verse in the Good Book, 1 Corinthians 13:11, that states “When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.” (NASB) This is my season of adulting and as a wife I learn through conversations with my husband traits of mine that I unconsciously have settled for. Let’s just say that nonverbal expressions speak loud on me. Due to that I may change the vibe around me.

Visual Aid,


I spy with my little eye something….. Grey. Our perceptions all differ and that,s beauty. “Water”. “Road on the left”. Mountains in the distances”. ” Rocks”. That’s beauty because all have a shade of truth.

Storytime: I walked as a child down a good ol’ rock road to my grandma’s house to get mustard, in DeKalb Mississippi, at age 3. My husband rode his bike to school, in Miami Gardens Florida at age 6.

Point of View: We have totally different views of a police officer. It’s respectfully discerning and the love we share allows us to respect, no only each others point of views but those around us in everyday life.

Don’t let perception cause barriers. Rather let it stiffen us with humbleness. Here’s a Widening(opening rather) View of a spot that my husband and I found. I just love the texture and color.


Challenge: Try learning a task you already know through the eyes of someone else. Youtube Time!

Highlights in Wifehood

So this is Life as it goes. Married a little over a month I am blessed to be by my best friend as his wife on the mountaintops of Colorado. Here are 3 highlights I must share with listeners:

  1. Home Wellness / House Management – Our house is our sanctuary, the items we take in account for food, clothes, entertainment. Responsibilities grow as we grow together.
  2. Play Together– enjoy the freedom of no worries together. Baszekeketball is an outlet for us though we also set aside time for hobbies that help us to grow: Reading, Xbox, Hiking, Knitting, Cooking, Music,etc.
  3. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork – Sean and I have been a team since we teamed up in 2016. There’s beauty in harmony and the setting up of the game plan. I believe the Will of God will always be for the righteous and in my wifehood, I am seeing a clearer view of what righteous looks like.

Challenge: List elements of your role in your relationships that strengthens the bond. Reflect on what your spouse or future spouse does or can do to bring harmony to the union.  


Tomorrow’sa Coming

Well it’s the night before the big day. I just got back to my crib from a whole day with my friend. It was a much needed day to end the break with. Lets give this friend a name cause they will be people that I bring up on this journey. “Hershey”. I shall use the nme Hershey because this person has Hershey skin and is super sweet. We went to Walmart because they have the best deals on school supplies like binders an pencils. Hey just a lesson learned, if you want to bypass the traffic of people. Park by the garden and check out the the garden or car center; lines are so much more shorter!.

Anyways! My day is pretty busy tomorrow at less class-wise. We might not do as much because its the first day but then again you never know what teachers want to sneak up on you with. I set my alarm for 5:55am. I’m such a morning person, if the suns up most likely i will be up lol… Well its ticking on midnight. Pray for tomorrow that God may walk with you through it. Till next time, that’s Life As It Goes.


Continuing To A New Beginning

books_apple_hiresSo the later part of this year have been a challenge, I think I have probably felt every emotion this pass fall. From feeling like I’m on top of the world to the bottom of the lowest pit on earth. I won’t go into a big soap-opera because I really am not asking for a pity-party. If I keep my blogging up, I’m sure I’ll reflect back on this past semester.

I received an email from my school yesterday about my grades. It’s time to tighten up!! It’s not all my fault though. When I went to orientation over the summer, I had an idea that all colleges ( Community and University) had the same layout as far as what courses to take with what. Example: At the community college I attended they encouraged Calculus 3 and Differential Equations to be taken together and then Calculus 4 and Linear Algebra together. My school now, in order to take Differential Equations, Cal 4 is required to be taking before or during the course. But did my advisor at the orientation tell me that much.NOPE!(my real advisor for my major is a different person then who was with me at orientation. Also let me just say that for my major I need a calculus-based science and wasn’t informed until a couple weeks into the class that it was a trig-based physics and by that time it was passed the drop/add date.

But I shall continue to a new beginning in the new year with a positive attitude! Next semester its all about boosting my GPA back up and budgeting. Here’s the 10 lessons learned this semester:

  1. Do not procrastinate! It’s best to review material given before the next lecture.
  2. Always set one night aside for yourself- a bubble bath, cinnamon rolls, and Netflix is my get away.
  3. Never put the social life in front of education- friends/associates do not give you a degree.
  4. Meet your instructors- with so many students, when they can put a name with a face they will want to see you succeed .
  5. YouTube is your friend- 90% of instructors have not taken teaching course; look for tutorials on how to solve problems and videos that you understand better.
  6. Dogs are man’s best friends- They keep you in the house when temptations to go out come up and they help give you a more positive spirit.
  7. Save the fun for the weekend! If you have a class the next day prepare for it and get rested up.
  8. Make sure your priorities are lined up!- For me: God, Family, Education
  9. Meal-plans are your friend- if you don’t feel like cooking go to campus and eat. SAVES TIME!
  10. Everyone messes up- just don’t be a crash dummy and not learn from them.

And that’s my LIFE AS IT GOES. What lessons have y’all learned from college?