Continuing To A New Beginning

books_apple_hiresSo the later part of this year have been a challenge, I think I have probably felt every emotion this pass fall. From feeling like I’m on top of the world to the bottom of the lowest pit on earth. I won’t go into a big soap-opera because I really am not asking for a pity-party. If I keep my blogging up, I’m sure I’ll reflect back on this past semester.

I received an email from my school yesterday about my grades. It’s time to tighten up!! It’s not all my fault though. When I went to orientation over the summer, I had an idea that all colleges ( Community and University) had the same layout as far as what courses to take with what. Example: At the community college I attended they encouraged Calculus 3 and Differential Equations to be taken together and then Calculus 4 and Linear Algebra together. My school now, in order to take Differential Equations, Cal 4 is required to be taking before or during the course. But did my advisor at the orientation tell me that much.NOPE!(my real advisor for my major is a different person then who was with me at orientation. Also let me just say that for my major I need a calculus-based science and wasn’t informed until a couple weeks into the class that it was a trig-based physics and by that time it was passed the drop/add date.

But I shall continue to a new beginning in the new year with a positive attitude! Next semester its all about boosting my GPA back up and budgeting. Here’s the 10 lessons learned this semester:

  1. Do not procrastinate! It’s best to review material given before the next lecture.
  2. Always set one night aside for yourself- a bubble bath, cinnamon rolls, and Netflix is my get away.
  3. Never put the social life in front of education- friends/associates do not give you a degree.
  4. Meet your instructors- with so many students, when they can put a name with a face they will want to see you succeed .
  5. YouTube is your friend- 90% of instructors have not taken teaching course; look for tutorials on how to solve problems and videos that you understand better.
  6. Dogs are man’s best friends- They keep you in the house when temptations to go out come up and they help give you a more positive spirit.
  7. Save the fun for the weekend! If you have a class the next day prepare for it and get rested up.
  8. Make sure your priorities are lined up!- For me: God, Family, Education
  9. Meal-plans are your friend- if you don’t feel like cooking go to campus and eat. SAVES TIME!
  10. Everyone messes up- just don’t be a crash dummy and not learn from them.

And that’s my LIFE AS IT GOES. What lessons have y’all learned from college?

Published by Deanna J

Hi, I am a college student with many thought about what experiences I have on this journey to a degree and as a newlywed. I hope to brighten readers through my personal lens to what struggles, achievements, and obstacles I face as a student, wife, and Human in everyday life.

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