Tomorrow’sa Coming

Well it’s the night before the big day. I just got back to my crib from a whole day with my friend. It was a much needed day to end the break with. Lets give this friend a name cause they will be people that I bring up on this journey. “Hershey”. I shall use the nme Hershey because this person has Hershey skin and is super sweet. We went to Walmart because they have the best deals on school supplies like binders an pencils. Hey just a lesson learned, if you want to bypass the traffic of people. Park by the garden and check out the the garden or car center; lines are so much more shorter!.

Anyways! My day is pretty busy tomorrow at less class-wise. We might not do as much because its the first day but then again you never know what teachers want to sneak up on you with. I set my alarm for 5:55am. I’m such a morning person, if the suns up most likely i will be up lol… Well its ticking on midnight. Pray for tomorrow that God may walk with you through it. Till next time, that’s Life As It Goes.


Published by Deanna J

Hi, I am a college student with many thought about what experiences I have on this journey to a degree and as a newlywed. I hope to brighten readers through my personal lens to what struggles, achievements, and obstacles I face as a student, wife, and Human in everyday life.

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