Highlights in Wifehood

So this is Life as it goes. Married a little over a month I am blessed to be by my best friend as his wife on the mountaintops of Colorado. Here are 3 highlights I must share with listeners:

  1. Home Wellness / House Management – Our house is our sanctuary, the items we take in account for food, clothes, entertainment. Responsibilities grow as we grow together.
  2. Play Together– enjoy the freedom of no worries together. Baszekeketball is an outlet for us though we also set aside time for hobbies that help us to grow: Reading, Xbox, Hiking, Knitting, Cooking, Music,etc.
  3. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork – Sean and I have been a team since we teamed up in 2016. There’s beauty in harmony and the setting up of the game plan. I believe the Will of God will always be for the righteous and in my wifehood, I am seeing a clearer view of what righteous looks like.

Challenge: List elements of your role in your relationships that strengthens the bond. Reflect on what your spouse or future spouse does or can do to bring harmony to the union.  


Published by Deanna J

Hi, I am a college student with many thought about what experiences I have on this journey to a degree and as a newlywed. I hope to brighten readers through my personal lens to what struggles, achievements, and obstacles I face as a student, wife, and Human in everyday life.

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