No Filter| NATURAL

How about a post with no filter. Just a clear view of the subject matter.

So this is life as it goes, I’m blessed to be in a place where the beauty is expressed not only in the people but the land. Take a look at this glory, Colorado is the name.


It rained a bit yesterday afternoon creating a very foggy morning  for this “summit of the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains”  as wiki describes this area.

No filter, to take this picture I found myself slipping in that mud you see to the left. I thought to myself, ” Do I have the force to slip with no control?”. Oh but the faith I have in my shoes.

DSCF6386  My Adidas and I have been everywhere. I believe My Adidas attended two festivals in 2019 and swamped in two washing machines so far in its life. This will be the third wash.

Quarantine, no filter, so got married in Mississippi on March, 26th. Landed in Colorado on March 27th. By April, we were down to 1 roll of tissue. Newlywed advice: Establish who buys tissue paper!

No filter, I went to stores trying to find some tissue. They were no were in sight, so


hey what’s so different from kleenex. So that’s what I bought. Next day, went to King Soopers, 4 PACK OF COTTONELLE, God is good and this brand is pretty soft on my boom-boom.

Two more and I’m done, I promise

Basketball anyone? At first when my husband and I bought the ball we looked at it as investing in ourselves.  An investment that I’m so happy for. My happiness doesn’t top my husband’s though. He  is a very athletic person. He actually played football at Mississippi State where we met and  majored in Kinesiology which is basically exercise science.

No filter, He never let’s me win on purpose. I try though.


And where there’s a beast lies a beauty. And the air of Colorado is not like the South. Oil up and butter me like toast.

When it comes to my beauty I like to keep it natural.  No filter. Dry skin is not comfortable and dry hair is just…

Challenge: Take the filter off and see things for what they are. There’s beauty everywhere even in what may be the ugly.


Published by Deanna J

Hi, I am a college student with many thought about what experiences I have on this journey to a degree and as a newlywed. I hope to brighten readers through my personal lens to what struggles, achievements, and obstacles I face as a student, wife, and Human in everyday life.

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