Division| Beauty of Mathematics and Nature| Mathematics

“The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.”

― Euclid, Euclid’s Elements

This will be the first part of a set of letters I want to convey in regards to Division in Mathematics. As a tutor, I see in alot of my students hold a lack in foundation when it comes to performing math operations such as division. To make pure the complexity of the material, inspiration of nature is highly spoken of through the set for one to build their own intuition of the subject matter.

Parts of Division in Mathematics

Vocabulary for Enhancement 

  • Dividend- this is the number that is being divided
    • Divisor- this is the number that will divide the dividend; the number of groups that have equal parts
  • Quotient- this number is the quantity in each equal group presented by the divisor
  • Remainder- the number that represented the leftover that is less than the divisor

Division of Nature

For this I will take a philosophical approach

  • Ethos- The interpretation of goodness and what can be seen with beauty and credibility  
  • Pathos- The coexistence that is displayed by emotions, language, and desires
  • Logos- Involving metaphysics this studies existence using data, facts, or arguments

Challenge: Try to imagine division and division problems in regards to the parts and not the whole.

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